Insight and Execution for all levels

Renturio collects and structures your data so that you can make informed decisions on all levels across your real estate portfolio

Manage your portfolio with one solution

Make faster, better & data-driven decisions. Manage your portfolio with one solution. Optimize the portfolio
and increase the value

Data driven actionable insight for Asset Management

Digital & automated end-to-end operation for Property Management

Intelligent services & marketplaces for Tenant Management

Data driven reporting & optimization for ESG Management

Asset Management

Best-in-class Asset Management

Integrate all relevant asset and portfolio operation data and achieve full insights into your portfolio in operation.


All internal & external data of portfolio integrated in one place, no excel sheets, no loose e-mails, to drive decisions. Easy integration / curve outs from assets by click.

on finger tip

Through digitalization of all real estate management core processes you are capable to not only spot elements for your attention rather than to trigger actions by tasks to the refereeing party


Plan & manage servicing, redevelopments, or ESG optimized value levers to inccrese with every cent spend to improve the value of your portfolio and identify money drains.

Property Management

Full Lifecycle Property Management

Get a tenant by broker or click sync to country specific advertisement portals, digital rental agreement, signature, scoring, monthly rent collection and cost planing. Digital and with one click

Advertise by

Generate an up to date exposee for all your property units, send it to country specific advertisement platforms and handle all client requests & tenant scoring up to digital signature of new rental agreement and handover in one place.

Monthly automatic

Lean back as Renturio takes care of all renting processes: from collection of outstanding rents, checking of account balances for payment, initiation of a dunning process in case of non-payment, to annual auxiliary cost accounting - everything is fully-automated.

All documents
Digital & sorted

For more transparency and efficiency, Renturio collects, sorts and organizes all documents per unit - paperless and easy to use for your team. All data are subject to data protection guidelines made in Germany, because Renturio works according to the highest GDPR standards.

Tenant Management

Tenant Management
like no other

Get in interaction with your tenants multi channel like WhatsApp, SMS, E-Mail, Paper, Fon by any agent with our integrated customer contact center and stay in contact & handle additional service with our mobile App for your tenants        


Get rid of your e-mail clutter - Handle all incidenty easy at one place, with simple templates, a prediction engine of solutions and an automatic alignment with your CAPEx planning and budgeting. From Tennant to craftsman


Use integrated perfectly tuned workflow engine to execute jobs at different parties Whether in repair or for recurring services. Save time and manage your entire portfolio.


Use the integrated marketplace and easily book craft services or other services. Renturio takes care of all the billing. Easily add already agreed prices, your own prices or own service providers.

ESG Management

ESG Management like no other

Get an understanding of the ESG performance of your building. Analyse every asset under different certification standards or create your own measurement standard.

Optimize your
ESG performance

Leverage the data landscape to trigger the most efficient actions to increase your ESG-scoring. Renturio automatically suggests the best measures to tackle areas in need of action.

Certification for
eco value

Use the data structure as permanent base of your certification process. Get the structured data in the way you need it to shorten the yearly effort for a recertification and profit from an always up to date build in structure.

The value for you

Renturio collects more than 1,500 of internal and external data points to provide a complete picture of your real estate portfolio

Asset Management

Get insights to take smart decisions as never before. Get internal and extern data, to scale up your highly cost and CO2 efficient real estate portfolio.

Property Management

Run all processes from facility services over property managment until asset management in one easy to use and extendable system for large portfolios.

Tenant Management

Get in interaction with your tenants with our integrated customer contact center and stay in contact & handle additional service with our mobile App for your tenants.

ESG Management

Trigger actions like resenting, rental price increasement, repair cost, interest rate optimization, ESG recertification without any printed paper just by click.

Time to leverage your data

Start with renturio and increase your property value