Manfred Topper

Manfred Tropper, CEO

André Holtan, CSO

Martin Böhme

Martin Böhme, CTO

Jannis Roser

Jannis Roser, CFO

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Version 1.0 / Process Harmonisation

Support full end-to-end process flows of asset and property management as well as generation of actionable insights on smart data pooling and integration of third-party rental networks.


Version 2.0 / Execution Management System

Build a full asset administration and decision execution system to operate large heterogenous portfolios top down.


Version 3.0 / ROI Asset Optimizer

Integration of external data sources. Build an AI based intelligent profiling system that allows to optimise current asset portfolios and help in future buy and sell strategies.


Version 4.0 / Open Market Place

Extension of the system through a marketplace and open the structure for external integrations.

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